How to prepare sites for Construction Projects?

In order to construct an outstanding project, it is important the project subsurface surface condition is investigated and is studied deeply.

The process of site assessment depends upon the determination of present and installation of underground services, specifying the suitable foundation that lies on the geotechnical report, determining the level of groundwater, scaling the amount required for proper drainage to throw the water away from that structure.

To get hold of the structure of building according to the prepared design, then it is vital to calculate the excavation volume precisely and also, provide suitable drainage, structural elevations, layout and other substantial precision.

Below are the steps that are needed to prepare sites for particular construction projects:

  • Geotechnical reports
  • Construction Sites
  • Grading of Project Site
  • Project Site Compaction

Now, let’s discuss them in detail.

Geotechnical Reports:

A geotechnical report helps you to establish communication between the project site condition, design and construction offer.

Perhaps, if you want to understand the properties and terms of the soil of your project then a geotechnical report regarding your project site is much essential.

A geotechnical report briefly explains the soil property and necessary things that are required so that you can test the soil.

Construction Site Clearing:

Clearing and excavation is a greater job and it is carried out in preparing sites for the construction projects.

After you have settled the layout of the structure is set in a great way then the excavation work begins. Also, the soil is removed up to depth in which the foundation structure is improved. 

There are different sorts of machines that are utilized to excavate and transfer the soil at your project site.

The selection of machine types is used for the excavation on the soil type. 

For example, the necessary actions include blasting, drilling, and other machinery work like boulders, backhoe, shovels, and scoopers are involved in the process.

Grading of Construction Project Site

Grading for a particular construction site is also an important factor so that you can throw the water away from your construction structure. The International Building Code also offers vital pieces of recommendations so that you can create proper grading.

The code says that grade slope should be at least one unit vertical towards the twenty horizontal units. In simple words you can state it as the 5% at a distance of 3 m is measured perpendicular from the wall face.

Compaction of Construction Project Site

The soil beside the foundation of the construction site is said to be compacted at the required degree that is being recommended by the IBC COde, maximum of 90% at a dry density.

The tamping, rolling, and vibration are the different types of loads that are subjected to the compact layers of soil. There are different types of machines that can be used for the purpose of compaction at the construction sites such as you can utilize the smooth wheel roller, sheep foot roller, the rubber tire, the crawler and the tamping plate compactor as well.